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Our Staff

As a small community based organization much of the work we do is made possible by our team of amazing volunteers. Our support groups, literacy program and many other programs would not exist without the individuals generous gift of time, energy and expertise.

Michelle Fonte
Executive Director

Michelle is the mother of six children with a background in women's studies, community building and organizing, and birth options advocacy. Michelle has been attending births and supporting women through the childbearing year for over 25 years. She is the founder of The Gathering Place, a community space offering services, classes, workshops and support groups specifically designed for growing families and Magnolia Birth House, a community funded birthing center offers an integrated approach to pregnancy and birth - holistic and personalized care provided by a team of multidisciplinary professionals.

Ailyn Cardenas
Program Assistant

Ailyn is a Certified Health Education Specialist with a degree in Health Education with a minor in Family,Youth & Community Science. She has an avid interest in providing support and services to women, children and families. Following an internship at The Gathering Place during her last term at the University of Florida, Ailyn joined our staff in the role of Program Assistant.

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