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Our Story

Project Motherpath began in 2009 as Birthgirlz, the brainchild of two women with many years of experience gathering the mothers in their communities.

From protests to playgroups the focus of Birthgirlz' founders was on sharing resources and building a network to connect moms locally. Birthgirlz provided free community doulas, hosted monthly support groups for postpartum adjustment and infant loss, fundraised to increase women's access to vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) in birth centers across the State, concieved the 2010 and 2011 VBAC Summit conferences, and successfully campaigned to save the nurse-midwifery service at Jackson South Community Hospital. Project Motherpath is a re-visioning of Birthgirlz that maintains the core principles of activism and advocacy and refines the work to focus more broadly on the full spectrum of challenges facing mothers in Miami.

At Project Motherpath we believe that pregnancy, childbirth and parenting are transformative processes, enhanced through informed choices and connection to community. Our goal is to empower women and families to create their own network of resources. Our programs provide quality care, education and support designed to foster independence and respectfully guiding women and their families through the process of pregnancy, birth and early parenting.


The following guiding principles govern our work:

Normalcy: We believe pregnancy and birth are natural, healthy processes.

Empowerment: We offer mother and family supportive, sensitive and respectful care.

Autonomy: We provide comprehensive education enabling women and families to make
decisions based on accurate information.

Community: We create community. We believe women and their families are able to flourish with the strength and connection of a community.

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